Unique Unicorn Vaporizers

Did someone say Unique Unicorn vaporizers…

Okay, so maybe we don’t have any unicorn vaporizers (whatever those are), but don’t be upset, we do have Unique Vaporizers that will blow your mind!

The Two Most Unique Vaporizers…

The vaping guide is happy to introduce, the two most unique vaporizers known to man!

There are many vaporizers out there that offer some pretty cool features (i.e., TC, digital games, 510 adapter pin attachments, built in top fill tanks, etc) but you haven’t seen anything yet!

Below are the coolest vaporizers I have seen so far and urge everyone to check out and seriously own for themselves. Each vaporizer is unique in its own way and they stand out from the rest. So if you’re ready, let’s dive in.

Reuleaux RX2/3

Beautiful Design & Sexy Hexagonal Shape!

Its a hexagonal body with beautiful edges and a smooth finish!

Durable and Strong Build

When you hold this amazing piece of art, you’ll feel how strong it is. The reason why I talk about the Reuleaux so much on the vaping guide is because how much I love it.

It feels like a solid rock in your hand… Meaning its a F****** SOLID MOD

NOT made out of cheap plastic

Made by Jay Bo & Wismec so you know it’s a quality product

Customization Like You Wouldn’t Believe

It has the ability to either be 150w or 200w


Simply Put,

The 2/3 in Reuleaux 2/3 is for two cool reasons;

Dual 18650 Batteries (2 Batteries) for 150w power

Reuleaux with 2 Batteries for 150w output

Back cover plate that is interchangeable for triple 18650 Batteries (3 Batteries) for 200w power

Reuleaux with 3 Batteries for 200w Output

By far, this interchangeable option for two OR three batteries is really cool. It gives everyone freedom to vape how they want.

So if you want to vape at 150w you can!

And If you want to vape at 200w, you can!!

Back that up with a durable body and a strong shell, it’s one hell of a device.

The Second Most Unique Vaporizer

It’s slick

It’s sleek


Introducing the…

Joyetech Touchscreen C-ocular

1.6 Inch Touch Screen

The 1.6 Inch screen is as easy as tap, tap, done. With several easy taps, you can alter your desired wattage, temperature preference, clock display….. and even screen saving and photos!

Standard Headphone Jack

If you put and together, then you assumed the headphone jack is for… you guessed!

MP3 Capability

Yes, the C-Ocular is programmed with MP3 capability, enabling you to vaping in style and listen to your favorite music. So if you have a computer, you can easily upload songs onto your vaporizer.


The C-Ocular has a cool feature that allows you not only to upload MP3 files, but also PHOTOS. Once the photos are on your device, you can then choose what photo you want to have as your screen saver. The device can hold up too 100 photos and that’s not all because the next feature is insane!

2 GB of Memory

That’s a lot of space…

Yes… I know… On such a small device, how is there 2 GB of Memory?!  I didn’t believe it myself but it’s true. It’s not a surprise though that Joyetech has this memory capacity. Joyetech is a very technically innovated company that is always creating new devices that have amazing and cool features. And this is no exception.

  • Two Versions

What are the two versions?

First Version: Ocular 80w

Although the Ocular version can only rock 80 watts, the benefit is that it has a built-in 5000 mAh battery that is built to last. Meaning it will have a longer life span and power efficient.

Second Version: C – Ocular 150w 

For all the advanced people out there, this is the device for you. The C-Ocular. This version uses dual 18650 batteries (two batteries) that can be charged on the dock and be replaced in and out. It’s very beneficial if you want to throw in a fresh pair of batteries on the go. At times, it’s nice to be able to charge batteries if mine are dying. Always a thing to think about when vaping!

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