The Best Vaporizers (Cheap Vaporizers)

Today, we’re going to be covering my favorite aspect about vaping…

The best vaporizers that are popular among users and my personal favorites! 

I love knowing what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s down right awful when it comes to E-cigarette products. The one thing I like about knowing what’s hot and what’s not is;

  • Low Price
  • High Quality 
  • Durability
  • Wattage capacity

If you’re looking for all of the above, and want a vaporizer to fulfill your vaping needs, below you will get a glimpse of everything you need to vape like a pro!

For serious reviewers and browsers, all mods and products can be clicked on and reviewed from and each mod will have a link to follow to learn more about them.

So let’s begin!

Top Mods

200w (High Quality & Performance)

This is for advanced vaporizers who like to rock out massive power for humungus clouds and great flavour. Usually though, most people don’t push the envelope over 100w but having the ability to have max wattage with temperature control is a bonus. For myself I use mods 200w + because if a mod is capable of performing that high, it’s a solid mod that will be extremely durable and won’t disappoint.

Here are the top mods over 200w!;

Each mod is as good as they get. I know for me, the Wismec Realeaux and Smok mods are the best. I can’t express how important it is to have a solid mod when you vape. If it isn’t a quality make and model, chances are you will waste your money and spend a fortune. Take our advise and invest your money into High Quality and The Vaping Guides List!

100w (High Quality & Performance)

One down, two to go. The 100w List. This list is for beginners to intermediate users who usually vape between 15w – 50w. Like I mentioned earlier, not many people vape to the maximum wattage capacity. And if they did, it won’t be recommended, just like how you wouldn’t want to drive your car to the top speed… eventually the car will over heat and the RPM’s will reach the Red zone, a.k.a. Dead zone!

So for users who want to casually vape and still have the power to make their dreams come true, here they are..

The top mods over 100w;

50W (New Users & Basic E-cigarettes)

For users who want a low maintenance, casual, and basic E-cigarette. This list will complement people who want a portable and small device. Many friends and even my girlfriend prefer these types of vaporizers because they guarantee one thing, simplicity!

Another great thing about mods this size is for new users. For example, I recommend new users that are converting from cigarettes to E-cigarettes, to start off with basic E-cigarettes to ease into the device.

Vaping at a high wattage can cause new users to;

  • Feel Drowsy
  • Cough Uncontrollably  
  • Throat Irritation 
  • Stomach Pain 

So for new users, always start off with a basic E-cigarette and a simple kit that allows you to test the waters and save you money!

Several years ago when I converted, my first mod was a 40w Eleaf that I usually vaped around 20w. It was a good start and really got me going.

At that time, that was plenty, and for ex-smokers, this list will be perfect for you. But if you aren’t an ex-smoker and are someone who is just starting to vape, again, this list is will be perfect for you. Not to powerful, but not to wimpy, better than a pen vaporizer, but less intense than a 200w mod!

Keep in mind, all mods on the list are good quality and small enough to fit in your pocket. Hope you enjoy.

The top mods over 50w;

Among all the vaporizers in the 50w list, the Eleaf brand is an awesome mod and brand to start off with. Many people like the Eleaf brand because it is the cheapest vaporizer in the market, is low maintenance, and is a well known brand.

Besides that, each mod and vaporizer in the article will satisfy you 100%! Many vape shops across the world carry each mod and I personally have owned quite a few of them. Each mod is well known and fan favorites.

In closing, I hope you benefited from this article. The thing I love about writing articles like this is giving you a sweet and simple list of the best products in the market, and make it easier for you to narrow down your selections. If you liked any of the vaporizers on the page and want to learn more about them, make sure to click on the link below or easily click on the vaporizer on the list and you’ll be able to purchase your selection.

Hope you enjoyed the article and vape on!