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The heart and soul of vaporizers and E-cigarettes…

Box Mod Batteries …

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18650 Rechargeable Batteries and vape mod batteries!

Box Mod Batteries

First things first,

Not all vaporizers are made the same. There are a lot of different components to all devices that are good, bad, and straight up ugly. However, the one thing that most devices have in common are the batteries and charging option. Among all vaporizers, you will either have built in batteries that CAN’T COME IN OR OUT and charge from a USB Portbatteries that CAN come in and out.

So what’s the difference and why should it made matter if it can or can’t come in or out?

Personally, when I first started vaping, I liked having built-in batteries because it allowed me to charge my device with a cable like most of my electronics. However, when I vaped more and more, I noticed that when my battery started to reach mortality and I was either at work or out with friends, I had no place to charge my device… and we all know that feeling. So with the option of changing batteries in and out, I could easily switch from dead batteries to fully charged batteries in a flash without waiting for my device to be charged!

So basically,

Charge with USB if your content with easy charge and no hassle of playing with your device.


Charge batteries on a dock station for instantaneous battery health life when you are on the go and have a spare set of fully charged batteries ready to go!

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