About me

Welcome to the Vaping Guide!

Welcome to the vaping guide, my name is Sage and the founder of the vapingguide.com!

To me, the art and cultural of vaporizing has interested me more and more. The first time I seen someone blow a massive cloud of smoke, my interest and curiosity of the art grew. The more I learnt about vaporizing, the more I liked it and the more I vaped, the more I loved it, and that love has never stopped.

Before I started vaping tho, I used to smoke 1 package of cigarettes a day. I would even chain smoke 2 to 3 at a time. At some point, my friends told it was time for me to buy a vaporizing pen, to quench my nicotine buzz and to quit the bad habit of smoking cigarettes. They brought me to the local vaping shop and several hours later, after submerging myself in the sea of vaping products that choke hold customers to suffocation, I walked out with my very first vaporizer. And without a doubt, I’m glad they forced me to purchase one because it really saved me money, and saved me the horrible lung and bad breathe problems I started to acquire.

Which brings me to why I created the Vaping Guide…

From vaper pens to full blown top quality mod boxs, I’m fascinated by what E-cigarettes can do and how I and other people can smoke in style.

The reason I created the vaping Guide was for two reasons;

  • To have a site that is easy to navigate, for people who are interested in learning about E-cigarettes, to help them decide what vaporizer they want, and help them purchase their desired product all layed out nice and simple.
  • Show people the specs on vaporizers, show them the positive and negative feedback, and educate them with well written and genuinely honest thoughts about all the different kinds of E-cigarettes on the market 

And to tell you the truth, when I first went online to shop for vaporizers, I had a really hard time navigating through sites and reading upon all the different types of vaporizers on the market. And by the end of my searches, I had no idea what vaporizer I wanted because no one really gave me an honest opinion about it and I felt like I was only being sold on the specs and facts about it and I felt like a robot was selling me something… so that’s why I created the vaping guide!

To give everyone an honest opinion about vaporizers, show people facts that are important, and to allow people to feel like a human is communicating with them and not an AI from the 5th dimension.

Hopefully, the vaping guide is a perfect place for you to learn about E-cigarettes and a great place to purchase everything you want!

I know for me, I love sites that are laid out nice and simple, so that was my motive to design the vaping guide, the way it is today.

Hopefully, you can benefit from the vaping guide and make this your first and last site to read, learn, review, and purchase all your E-cigarette vaporizers and E-cigarette accessories!


Sage 🙂